The Team

Like all good teams, each member brings something unique and positive to the group. A good team works together, discusses differences, and always has the team’s betterment in mind. That’s how we operate at Serda, four business partners, operating as one entity.

John Serda, Founder
John’s dream was to always open a brewery. He began homebrewing in high school because he realized he could buy the ingredients to make beer as a minor, but not the beer itself. During this time, John developed a passion for great craft beer and wanted to build a brewery, but the laws in Alabama were too prohibitive to open so John pursued his second favorite passion instead, Coffee. John opened Serda’s Coffee Co. in downtown Mobile, AL in 2008 and has become a downtown icon. Coincidentally, in 2008, the Brewery Modernization Act passed in Alabama which opened the doors for breweries in Alabama with more favorable business friendly laws and the desire to own a brewery became more realistic. In 2013, John decided to go ahead and pursue his dream and after four difficult years of securing financing and building, John’s dream of opening a brewery was realized when Serda Brewing was opened in November 2017.

Matt Serda, Founder
John’s brother, is our Chief Financial Officer. Matt has an Accounting and Finance degree. He is also in charge of company finances for his father’s local business. Matt has been instrumental in working with city officials on permitting and licensing, working with our General Contractor, and our Architect.
Ed Serda, Founder
John and Matt’s father, is another experienced businessman. He has owned his own local company for years and successfully negotiated the ups and downs of our economy. Ed has opted not to be involved in the day to day operations of Serda, but his financial support and experience are ever present.

Tim Mahoney, Founder
Bringing over 27 years of corporate experience to Serda, Tim is an adept Project Manager. He keeps the schedules, the action items, agendas, and basically keeps us all on track! Tim is a retired Naval Officer (O-5) and between his active duty and reserve time, spent 20 years in the U.S. Navy. He also has one of the largest beer can collections in the Southeast United States….he knows beer.