Mobile was “Born to Celebrate” and we have a big vision to create the taproom that continues our tradition of celebration. A place to celebrate Mardi Gras, closing that deal, pulling off that huge event, making it through Monday, he or she saying yes, it’s a boy or girl, that friend is back in town or that big promotion. We want to be a part of your celebration!

Private Events Space – Want to host a company event off-site, Fantasy Football draft, Christmas party, wedding shower or neighborhood movie night? We’ll have the perfect room for you.

Fiber Optic internet – Never wait on a web page again! Feel free to use our speeds to change the world.

The freshest growler fills – Fresh growler fills while you wait. Bring your own or purchase  one here.

Large Outdoor Seating Area (Beer Garden) – Ample seating for your gatherings, all shaded by large triangular, sail cloths. Enjoy the fresh air and large oak trees, or take a stroll through our brew house and observe the brewing operations!

Food Truck Alley – Adjacent to the Beer Garden and accessible from the Beer Garden, we will have 1-3 food trucks on site to satisfy your hunger. Enjoy a snack while relaxing under our Italian lights, surrounded by large planters with local vegetation.