Hook Line & lagerHook Line & Lager – Pilsner   Our flagship Pilsner, a brilliant and zesty lager with ample hop bite. Malted rye with noble  Tettnanger and Spalt hops deliver a spicy refreshing zing. A perfect beer for any occasion.

Profile notes: Pale golden with thinning white head, black pepper sharp hop aroma with faint toasted grain and sulfur yeast lingering in the back, crisp slight malt sweetness behind noble hop forward balance, bitter hop is perceived as dryness that does not linger in the aftertaste. Very fresh German noble hops and yeast at the forefront, malt sweetness is present but subdued.  Rye malt adds a layer of complexity and a slight oily/creamy texture that helps lighten the hop bite.

Tidewater – Vienna  A smooth malty amber mainstay with clean moderate hop bitterness in balance with toasty sweetness.  Floral and spicy in both malt and hop aroma, but easy drinking and satisfyingly complex.

Profile Notes:  Pouring a reddish amber with a tight creamy white head, the sparkling carbonation releases refreshing floral and spicy aromas from both the toasted malts and noble hops.  Once settled in in the mug, the carbonation subsides to a smooth and slightly sweet quaff with a hint of caramel and a kiss of herbal hops.  Moderate body with  short lingering flavor makes this brew a perfect companion to any type of meal.

Clear Prop PorterMobile Bay – IPA  Brewed with several new German hop varietals and traditional alt-bier yeast using American craft brewing techniques to drop a hop bomb of unique citrus aromas balanced with the smooth malt base of German barley.

Profile Notes: Upon first look, the beer pours slightly clouded from unfiltered hop oils and has a tight frothy sticky head. IPA nose is very upfront and packs a fresh citrus/mandarin orange/apple-pear punch.   Moderate body from a strong pale ale fermented drier than most American versions. Won’t leave you with heavy thick finish, but a lingering sweet hop burn.

Clear Prop PorterClear Prop – Porter  Our flagship dark beer brewed in the Baltic Porter style. A heavier but balanced offering to please stout and porter drinkers with a variation of style seldom introduced into American beer markets. Layers of subtle roast and caramel honey-raisin flavors balanced with mellow bitter, smoky and herbal hops.

Profile Notes:  Dark unfiltered opaque brown with a off-white frothy head. Heavy leaning with layers of malt complexity.  Some smoked perception lingers in the background from the hops even though this is not a smoked beer.  As forward the malt flavors are, the beer does not finish as thick as you would think, the higher alcohol thins the body out to a more moderate mouth feel.  You can drink several of these, but you will feel the effects.